Super Shield Roof Coating System

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Super Shield Roof Coating System

Super Shield’s durable ceramic elastomeric roof coating systems are ideal for virtually any residential or commercial building application. Nothing compares to Super Shield for long-term protection of your home, building, condominium, or workplace. We have extensive experience in commercial roof coating applications all over the United States. We understand your unique roofing needs and are experienced with the common residential and commercial roof substrates such as:

  • Tile
  • Cement
  • Rubberized surface
  • Asphalt tar
  • Panel systems
  • Tar and Gravel, and many more…

Super Shield addresses the needs of different weather climates and roofs with customized roof coating systems that offer numerous benefits to residential and commercial building owners:

  • Extends roof lifespan delaying or avoiding costly roof replacement.
  • Reflects UV rays away from your roof dramatically lowering roof surface temperature.
  • Seals small roof substrate cracks that can develop over time.
  • Adds a water resistant membrane to your roof to reduce the chance of roof leaks.
  • Uniquely developed formulas for sloped, flat, or zero slope roofs.

Super Shield offers multiple ceramic roof coating systems based on roof slope and material type: Roof One Coat (sloped roof), Flat Roof System (flat roof with slight slope), and Zero Slope Roof System (flat roof with zero slope).

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