Protect Your Home Against The Wear And Tear of

Mother Nature

Backed by the 25-year Rhino Shield product warranty.

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Launched in 2000, the Rhino Shield brand has grown every year since its inception and is a recognized leader in the premium wall coating industry.

About Rhino Shield South Florida

Beautiful, long lasting, and UV resistant wall and roof ceramic painting solutions for any home in any climate. For many years, vinyl siding was the only alternative to costly exterior wall repainting. Knowing that ceramics were the key to providing durability and solar ray reflectivity and that breathability was the essential characteristic needed to guarantee that durability, Rhino Shield South Florida product development began.

Rhino Shield

Rhino Shield South Florida is the only choice for exterior house painting throughout and Broward County, Miami-Dade County, and Palm Beach County. No other home painter in South Florida can offer Rhino Shield! We are the only Authorized Exclusive Dealer in this area, so don’t settle on any other company if quality matters most to your satisfaction with our long-lasting, UV-resistant ceramic painting solutions for any home in any climate. For over 20 years, we have delivered only high standards that ensure protection against anything the elements bring from harsh weather conditions such as winds, sun, and the saltwater in the air that causes erosion. Purchasing a home is a considerable investment, and our priority is to ensure that your home buyer is protected with our product.

Providing Painting Services

We will work with you to create the optimal installation plan and select the best painting system for your building. 

Commercial Painting

You have spent considerable time and money making your business successful, but what about the building that houses your business?

Industrial Painting

Rhino Shield’s specialty industrial coatings work to protect structures from corrosion, salt, moisture, acids, fuels, impacts and abrasions for years to come.

Residential Painting

Rhino Shield is the perfect exterior painting solution for your home. For over 20 years including over 40,000 successful installations worldwide,

Get a No Maintenance Home Exterior.

The home buyer will not have to paint again, they get a 25 year non-prorated warranty, and your profits will increase!

Our Customers Love Rhino Shield

We watched people get their houses painted three or four times, and we didn’t have to do any of it. It’s never faded. It never lost any of its appeal.

Rick Kral

These are harsh conditions, the salt air is nasty, and it does a number on so many things. The technical aspect of the material, the visual aspect - that’s why I was all in 12 years ago.

Terrie L

We did Rhino Shield 14 years ago, and it looks the same as the first day. There have been neighbors that came by and said, "did you just have your house painted?"

Richard Forti

    Rhino Shield is a ceramic elastomeric coating. It looks just like normal house paint that can be tinted to any color you choose. Unlike paint, it dries 10-12 times thicker than latex paint.

    For over 20 years, including over 40,000 successful installations worldwide, Rhino Shield has pioneered the development and installation of long-lasting ceramic elastomeric wall coating technology.

    To protect your Rhino Shield investment, it is recommended to perform annual cleaning maintenance, helping your Rhino Shield remain free of harmful airborne dirt and microorganism growth.

    It has a 25-year warranty against cracking, peeling, and chipping.

    The Authorized Rhino Shield dealers issue all warranties. Upon job completion, the local Authorized Rhino Shield Dealer will issue you the warranty. There is a labor and a product aspect to each warranty. The policy regarding any labor required for a valid service claim is set by the local Authorized Rhino Shield Dealer. Any replacement product required for a valid service claim is provided by Rhino Shield South Florida as a product supplier via the local Authorized dealer.

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